Charity Commission issues decision making guidance for Trustees

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 The Charity Commission, the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales, has issued new guidance on decision making for charity trustees. The guidance, It’s Your Decision, explains the key principles of decision making that the courts and the Commission expect trustees to apply when they are making significant or strategic decisions about their charity.

The principles deal with the important things that trustees need to get right, such as ensuring they have the relevant powers to carry out their plans, managing conflicts of interest, and making informed decisions based only on relevant considerations. Following these principles will help to protect trustees if something goes wrong. Some decisions don’t work out as the trustees intended, but if the trustees can show that they have applied and followed the principles in making their decision, it’s unlikely that the courts or the Commission will hold them personally responsible to the charity for what went wrong.

The guidance also covers practicalities – making sure meetings are properly conducted, recording decisions accurately, and what to do if trustees disagree. – See more at:

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